the Pussa Agriculture Demo & Training project
Delhi, India / 1998/99

master plan of the demo farm at Pussa


The Pussa Agro Park Project serves as a demonstration and research cum training center for Indian farmers, implementing Israeli Agro Technologies in water conservation, high / low tech irrigation, greenhouses, cultivation of large varieties of crops / different plants ( flowers / vegetables / orchards / etc. ), crop processing and packaging.

Not only saving on water, but the project also focused on rain harvesting. The existing large pools at the site were integrated into the project. These ponds store the rain water from the project site itself, but also rain from the surrounding is diverted into these. Water is filtered and pumped to the different parts of the project.  

It was designed on behalf of Cinadco, in the framework of an Indo Israel agreement. This project includes aspects of field crops, horticulture, floriculture and orchards.