Al Dahara - U.A.E.
UAE / 1999-2001

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Cow Sheds with Greenhouse Air Conditioning

This project was started many years ago and was not operational. For this project we developed a new master plan which included extensive changes in most structures, adapting these to the requirements of the cows, the staff and the machinery to be used.

Sprecher Architect's professional staff managed the farm for two years and achieved excellent results – the highest milk yields in the region and an improved herd management. There are many visitors from the region, who study the way the farm is managed and it's results - coming as far as Saudi Arabia ( Almarai ). 

A new air cooling system which reduces the ambient temperature in the sheds by many degrees was developed by us to meet the unique challenge presented by the harsh local climate. Additionally, the cows enjoyed active evaporative cooling at the milking parlor.

Since very little fodder can be grown locally, the feed center is completely based on imported dry feeds. By mixing the ingredients with water and other liquids the farmer achieves climate adapted- top feed TMR feed rations.