The Belousov Agro Park
St. Petersburg, Russia / 2012

Master plan of the project

model of the two dairy farms

The Belousov Group is currently establishing a unique and exciting marketing concept, following a study of the buying habits of the local population. The first 20 outlets are already operational and very successful. Consumers are able to buy on a daily basis FRESH and quality products, produced and processed by the Belousov Group.

To achieve this goal and further develop the concept, the Belousov Agro Park plans to integrate agricultural projects ( a large dairy farm, a beef fattening unit, a pig farm, etc. ) with an agro industrial area - including dairy & meat processing, a bakery, vegetable storage and processing, etc..

The project will include also community related elements such as a visitors & agro-training center.

The project shown is the first unit to be established near St. Petersburg