Kfar Vitkin Agro Park
Kfar Vitkin, Israel / 1982 - today

aerial view at the beginning 1982

Today - the white roofs are recent additions

The idea behind the project was to relocate the small family farms from the village to an outside, more remote area. As a result, agro-waste & manure management on site improved, reducing effects on the environment, and the cows achieved far higher production levels. Nowadays, the park serves 16 farmers, 1500 milking cows, producing together 19M liters of milk a year.

The feed for the animals is supplied from a regional feed center across the road and the liquid manure is being processed at a bio gas plant. Similar projects were designed in Moshav Alon Hagalil (6 sub units), Moshav Neot Hagolan (25 sub units), Moshav Nov (4 sub units) and Kanaf (12 sub units)