Double sided 2x16 - Ein Harod
Kinbbutz Ein Harod ( Ichud ), Israel / 1984

layout of milking parloוr

This milking parlor was designed in 1984 and based on " Form Follows Function " for the main five elements of the parlor : the holding pen / the 2x16 HB milking parlor / the cow traffic lane system & separation yard / the milk storage and equipment / the staff facilities and farm office.

As space at the site was very limited, the last element was located on top of the milking parlor. The additional stairs provide direct access into the milking pit - enabling the milker to leave the pit without having to disturb the cows during milking and to cross the cow traffic.

The client choose a traditional configuration of 2x16 HB, but with the assistance of a local engineer - we developed a new fast exit concept ( a rotating breast rail ). Indeed this improved the cow traffic and reduced the stress on both the cows and the milkers.

Lately a walk through cow weighing scale has been installed along the cow traffic lane with a sorting gate, which enables the daily weighing of each individual cow and separating cows for check ups / treatment.